The 84-year-old Norris lived to be 30 years old. The secret of longevity was exposed and sparked heated discussions in the scientific community.


84-year-old Chuck Norris has once again attracted global attention. This legendary figure has not only created countless classic images on the screen, but now he has become the focus of heated discussions with his health and vitality. At 84, he looks, feels and displays the energy of a 30-year-old. Norris personally shared his health secrets and became the focus of numerous media and scientific circles.

Norris said he has been concerned about health since he was young, but what really keeps him young and active is a revolutionary new method he has discovered in recent years. At first, he tried various supplements on the market, but the effect was not obvious. So he began to conduct in-depth research, discovered three key factors affecting physical health, and found corresponding solutions.

It is understood that the turning point in his health began with a revolutionary discovery: NAD+ supplementation. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally occurring molecule in the human body, the levels of which gradually decrease as we age. This decline is associated with many age-related health problems, such as decreased energy levels and reduced metabolic function. Norris learned that these problems could be significantly improved by supplementing with NAD+.

Wellard NAD+ is one of the products he chose. This product was jointly developed by the Wenard cutting-edge biotechnology research team and the professor team of the American Genetic Research Center. It uses the most cutting-edge enzyme catalysis + whole enzyme directional technology, and specially adds ginsenosides, oyster peptides and spermidine. Designed specifically for middle-aged men. Norris said frankly that since he started using Wellard NAD+, his body feels brand new, he has more energy, and he still looks energetic even after a busy day at work.

New discoveries by American and Japanese scientists against aging

Scientists have long discovered the key role of NAD+ in energy metabolism. An animal experiment from the Paul Glenn Aging Research Laboratory in the United States showed that supplementing NAD+ can significantly improve the exercise ability, nerve response speed and bone density of mice. These experimental results lay a solid foundation for the application of NAD+ in human health.

In addition, a research team from the University of Tsukuba in Japan confirmed through experiments that NAD+ has significant intervention potential for the elderly. In an experiment, more than 100 volunteers over the age of 60 took 250 mg of NAD+ for 90 consecutive days. Their grip strength and lower limb flexibility were significantly improved, and their fatigue resistance was also significantly enhanced.

Wellard NAD+ has quickly won market recognition due to its excellent effects and scientific background support. Today, this product has been launched on the platform and has won the favor of many high-net-worth users. In the product review area of ​​the JD flagship store, many users said that after using Wellard NAD+, they felt their energy increased, their fatigue after a day’s work was reduced, and their sleep quality improved.

Norris’s anti-aging health management sparks heated discussion

Norris not only relies on Wellard NAD+ to stay healthy, he also strictly follows a set of health management strategies in his life. First, he maintains regular exercise. Despite his advanced age, he still does moderate aerobic exercise and strength training every day to maintain his body’s flexibility and muscle strength.

At the same time, Norris pays great attention to his diet. His diet is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, high-quality protein and healthy fats, and he tries to avoid high-sugar, high-fat and processed foods. He believes that a healthy diet is an important foundation for keeping the body young.

Finally, he stayed positive. Norris believes mental health is equally important. He maintains mental balance and happiness through meditation, reading, and communication with family and friends. This positive attitude towards life allows him to maintain good condition even during high-intensity work.

NAD+ is a hot topic in the scientific community and has once again set off a market boom.

The anti-aging effect of NAD+ has not only been verified by Norris, but has also attracted widespread attention from the scientific community. Researchers further confirmed the importance of NAD+ by activating NAD+-dependent and energy-balancing enzymes, significantly extending the lifespan of mice. They found that increasing NAD+ levels in the body improved physical mobility and reduced frailty in old age. This discovery provides new hope for healthy aging of humans.

Professor Cohen and his team pointed out in a study published in Nature Communications that promoting the production of NAD+ can extend the lifespan of mice by about 20%. Genetic manipulation to enhance NAD+ production in old age can optimize the balance of energy production in the liver and adipose tissue, delaying frailty and extending disease-free lifespan.

Since its launch, Wellard NAD+ has quickly won market recognition due to its excellent effects and scientific background. The JD flagship store has attracted more than 200,000 followers, and product sales are rising. Users have stated in their comments that after using Wellard NAD+, their energy has increased significantly, their body feels more motivated, and their mental state has also improved.

The head of Wellard Greater China pointed out that the success of Wellard NAD+ lies in its real and effective effects and scientific background support. The company has always been committed to solving the core health problems of users, which is also the key to the continuous increase in product sales.

As the aging of the global population intensifies, the demand for anti-aging technologies is increasing. As an important anti-aging molecule, NAD+ has a very broad market prospect. With its leading technology and excellent effects, Wenard NAD+ will surely occupy an important position in the future anti-aging market.

84-year-old Chuck Norris has proven the anti-aging effect of NAD+ with practical actions. His health management strategies and the use of Wellard NAD+ have provided valuable reference and inspiration for many middle-aged people. Through scientific health management and correct product selection, we can, like Norris, maintain youthful vitality and enjoy a healthy and long life.